Dr. Janet Lynn Roseman is an author, healer, and integrative medicine practitioner.  She was the David Larsen Fellow in Spirituality and Medicine at the Kluge Scholars Center at the Library of Congress in 2006, the second person in the world to receive that honor.  She is the author of several books has written many books on dance, and writing and is currently writing several books on death and grief.  During 2002-2008 she was a Clinical Instructor in Family Medicine at Brown University Medical School specializing in Spirituality and Medicine.  She is a trained medical intuitive, shaman and a Reiki Master and studied several systems of color and light therapy including the work of Dr. Dinshah, and Dr. Peter Mandel.  She created spectra-immunologyTM after working with people with cancer for several years and this system is a synthesis of her experiences and trainings in energetic medicine and integrative medicine that honors the ancients ways of healing. She is committed to working with each of her clients and dedicated to elevating the practices of medicine both allopathic and energetic. 

Dr. Roseman is also a psychic intuitive and specializes in creating a conduit of narrative or conversation with those who have passed over. She called this work "NARRATIVE MEDIUMSHIP" because she believes that she is actually interacting in a narrative conversation with those who have crossed over.  She is happy to offer long distance narrative mediumship sessions to those who have lost people they love and wish to make contact.  Dr. Roseman is especially interested in empowering her clients so that they can have the tools to make their own sacred connections and is happy to share her suggestions for making that contact with her clients.  She has navigated the journey of grief herself and is especially mindful of the courage that it takes for people in mourning.

Please go to the contact page if you wish to make an appointment for Narrative Mediumship sessions, Spectra-ImmunologyTM sessions or Illuminated ReikiTM sessions.  She also teaches certification courses in Illuminated ReikiTM.

If you wish to bring Dr. Roseman's courses in Illuminated ReikiTM to your organization or healthcare facility, please contact her.


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