Dr. Roseman changed her life path when her mother and best-friend, Theodora (Toby) Roseman was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 1998.  In an effort to help her mom through her cancer journey, Dr. Roseman studied many different forms of healing including; shamanism, colorpuncture, light and color therapy from ancient traditions, energetic medicine, and Reiki Medicine. She created a credentialed program in Illuminated Reiki to train students in a more comphrehensive program of healingh that utlizes traditional Reiki components from the Usui method and blends those integral components with colored light healing visualization.  Dr. Roseman also introduces other aspects of knowing the wisdom of healing by offering her students training in the ancient ways of healing and "knowing", visualizations, medical anthropology and attention to the ancient history of female healers.  She believes that teaching Reiki is not a simple methodolgy and seeks to empower her students with the knowledge of the respected traditions of hands-on healing.

Her work in spectra-immunology TM stems from her training in several forms of healing and energetic medicine as well as her experience working with her mother, Theodora and hundreds of people with cancer  who shared their heroine and hero's path with her. Dr. Roseman does not advocate any one system of healing and when she works with clients, she synthesizes all that she has learned to help each individual with their health concerns.  She specializes in working with people with cancer and is determined to ease the suffering that she has seen through the years. Her work is dedicated to her mother who is her eternal guiding light and the most courageous person she knows.  Theodora passed away in April 15, 2007 but she will never be forgotten.  Dr. Roseman brings her personal dedicated and insight from working with people with cancer to her work. Her forthcoming book; If Joan of Arc Had Cancer: Finding the Courage Within was written in honor of her mother.  

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