CULTIVATING COURAGE WITH JOAN OF ARC c WORKSHOPS are based on her forthcoming book, If Joan of Arc Had Cancer: Finding the Courage Within.  This book was especially written for people with cancer to support them during their journey through cancer.  Joan of Arc was chosen as the model for this book because of her unrelenting courage in the face of obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Dr. Roseman chose Saint Joan to honor her mother and the many other clients she worked with during the years who were battling serious illness.  The CULTIVATING COURAGE WITH JOAN OF ARC c Workshops are trainings that were developed from her book and offer not only people with cancer, but the people in their constellation of contacts including friends and family members specific mechanisms and support during their illness.  The workshops are also offered to those in the healthcare professions who wish to further their skills for working in oncology and these workshops are especially effective for oncology social workers, oncologists, psychologists, oncology nurses, and physicians who wish to empower their patients with effective strageties for their unique medical journey. These workshops include hands-on experiential exercises that were created through the inspirational words that Joan spoke during her trial.  In this workshops you will learn how to trust your intuitive voice, learn coping and empowering strategies, learn how to create your healthcare army, and other methods for the journey through cancer.  Dr. Roseman's hope is that each person who attends this workshop will bring back Joan's wisdom to their respective medical institutions. At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a certification in the Cultivating Courage with Joan of Arc c method.  Dr. Roseman is available to lead these workshops at your respective institution. If you are interested, please contact her at: .

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