Dr. Roseman currently works in South Florida and if you would like to arrange for an appointment please contact her at DANCEJAN@aol.com.  She is also available for long distance sessions .

What to expect from a session in person.

Before your healing session with Dr. Roseman, she will  ask you to fill out a intake form to access what your current health challenges are, challenges that include physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  She will speak with you about your private health concerns and then answer any questions you may have about either spectra-immunologyTM, or a session with Illuminated Reiki healingTM.  Every client is treated individually and after we communicate our intention for healing, she will then use her hands to do a "sweep" of the body so she can read what the body's wisdom is telling her. Dr. Roseman sees inside of the body for assessment and through the wisdom of your body, she will then decide which colors or frqeuncies of light that she would like to use.  Each session whether for color and light healing (spectra-immunologyTM) or Illuminated Reiki is initially one hour and fifteen minutes.  Follow up sessions are usually 50 minutes.

Dr. Roseman uses her shamanic practices to work with clients long distance.  During these sessions she works with a template of the body and proceeds as if you were lying on a massage table in front of her.  These sessions are quite accurate and she works with both color and light medicine as well as energetic medicine, depending on what each client needs at that time.  She offers her long distance clients an indepth explanation of the session clearing and healing by email and each client is welcome to phone her to discuss the long distance session in detail.

Frequently, during a session (whether in person or long distance), she receives psychic impressions although that does not happen during every session.  If you are especially interested in a session that is totally psychically driven, she will create a session to answer your particular needs.


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