Dr. Roseman has developed a Reiki Training program that is based on her synthesis of her training as a Reiki Master and her experience in working with the energies of color and light healing. Spectra-Light Reiki Training provides healers, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, social workers, massage professionals, acupuncturists, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors and those who are interested in utilizing this form of energetic healing with their clients and patients.  Dr. Roseman is a certified Reiki Master and is able to offer Reiki certification for her coursework.  Although, her methods are different than traditional Reiki methodology, participants will learn how to combine light and color work, chakra alignments and energetic medicine to their practice.  She currently offers Spectra-Light Reiki Training One in South Florida and is available to teach her methods to those who are interested out of state.  She can be reached at Dancejan@aol.com

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